Samuel John Price Composition & Sound Design


Video game, media and live music

About me

I am a Bristol born composer based in London, UK. With every composition I create, my goal is to produce engaging music that is memorable, enjoyable and fit for purpose. I gained my Master’s degree in music composition at Bristol University, having completed my Bachelor's degree in music at Cardiff University.

During my academic studies, I found myself primarily focussing on composition and ethnomusicology. As such, my master's research further explored orchestral and electronic composition, as well as Japanese folk and traditional music. My interest in these areas of music are reflected in my compositional style, which draws its influence from elements of classical, jazz, improvisation, folk and world music, fusing non-conformist harmonic and melodic components into a cohesive sound.

The diverse body of original work I have created to date includes full game sound tracks, string arrangements for pop songs, advertising tracks, music for contemporary dance, opera and theatrical radio plays, amongst other published works.

My musical interests also expand into the publishing field, where I have had the opportunity to work as a score editor/copyist for major European music publishing houses. This experience inspired me to write my own digital publication titled 'The Piano Compendium' (currently in the final editing phase, for release in 2016), which utilises completely original compositions to explore aspects of practise, performance and music theory.

Presently my main focus is on creating original scores and sound design for video games and multimedia advertising.